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Book Launch: The Way of Coyote


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How cities are driving animal evolution

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Guest: Menno Schilthuizen

Our fast-paced crowded cities aren’t just impacting our lives, they are shaping animal evolution, even accelerating it. To survive the noise, smog, traffic, light and heat of our urban jungles, wildlife has had to quickly adapt. In his new book, Darwin Comes to Town, evolutionary biologist MENNO SCHILTHUIZEN explains how cities are driving natural selection in animals all around the world, including in mosquitoes in London, spiders in Vienna, and mice in New York.

Thanks again and always to Dirk Felleman at Synthetic Zero

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This was I-10 before Harvey. Now it looks like an ocean


(CNN)Logan Wheat went out on a small boat to check on cattle and ended up capturing one of the most startling photos of flooding from Harvey.

See article here.

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The Vertigo of Power: A Review of Stephen Graham’s “Vertical: The City from Satellites to Bunkers”

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Source: The Vertigo of Power: A Review of Stephen Graham’s “Vertical: The City from Satellites to Bunkers”

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Strange Fungus Seen in Chicago


Kay Read perplexed Liam Heneghan and frightened Christine Skolnik when she shared this photo at a Chicago Climate Festival meeting today.  Randall Honold remained uncharacteristically calm and philosophical.

The fungus was discovered and photographed by Kay’s husband, Edward Read, who manages the strip garden on Carmen Avenue and Marine Drive, in Lincoln Park (where this creature was found), as well as the nearby native plants garden.  Mr. Read is curious to know what kind of fungus we are dealing with, so please share and/or comment.

Note: The black object to the right is a baseball cap, for reference.


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Re-Imagining Ecology

From CBC Radio: Ideas with Paul Kennedy
Thursday August 25, 2016


“Three experts in urban and environmental conservation discuss an ecological approach to the restoration and preservation of both wilderness and cityscapes. Sophia Rabliauskas of Manitoba’s Poplar River First Nation worked to protect 43,000 square kilometres of Boreal forest. Glen Murray supported urban sustainability, first as Mayor of Winnipeg and now as Minister of Environment in Ontario. And Julian Smith is Dean of Faculty at the Willowbank School of Restoration Arts.”

Hear here.

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The Weaving: Artwork Consumes Waste Materials


Angela Guest

The Weaving is a processual, impulsive, lifelong work with no set out design. I add to it when I can and with whatever fabric I can get my hands on, from friends and from myself. An addition to contemporary textile work, it is experimental and expressive, lacking any sense of tradition or control. With my roots as a painter, I attempt to treat fabric like paint; a strip of fabric is not too different from a stroke of paint, and an oil painting can become part of a weaving.

Through the large consumption of unwanted clothing and all the memories attached, The Weaving has evolved into a looping, folding monster and odd character in my life. It is adaptable. Wherever it goes it shape shifts to its setting and finds a home there. Splayed on my apartment floor, draped over a wall divider at the IAMI Showcase, placed on hooks in the capstone classroom, and nailed to the wall everywhere else. The goal is for The Weaving to get shown in as many settings as possible so that the public can keep track of its progress in size, in complexity, and in accumulation of memory.

weave monster better

How you’re seeing The Weaving now is only a step in its life, it is a project in flux with the potential to keep growing even after my death.


Angela is a oil painter living and working in Chicago, IL and is studying art with minors in Anthropology and Art History at DePaul University. She is a gallery monitor at DePaul Art Museum, an intern at Defibrillator Gallery, and the student curator at the DePaul Art Department for the 2015-2016 school year.

Angela has shown her work three times in the DePaul annual group show, IAMI, and has also had the honor to show two of her paintings in a 2015 juried show, hosted by the University Club of Chicago. Her work has recently been published in the 35th and 36th edition of Crook & Folly.

Photos by Angela Guest.

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