Strange Fungus Seen in Chicago


Kay Read perplexed Liam Heneghan and frightened Christine Skolnik when she shared this photo at a Chicago Climate Festival meeting today.  Randall Honold remained uncharacteristically calm and philosophical.

The fungus was discovered and photographed by Kay’s husband, Edward Read, who manages the strip garden on Carmen Avenue and Marine Drive, in Lincoln Park (where this creature was found), as well as the nearby native plants garden.  Mr. Read is curious to know what kind of fungus we are dealing with, so please share and/or comment.

Note: The black object to the right is a baseball cap, for reference.



Filed under Jeff VanderMeer, photography, Species, Urban Agriculture, Urban Ecology

2 responses to “Strange Fungus Seen in Chicago

  1. cskolnik

    It reminds me of a Klein bottle (and I’m still frightened).

  2. cskolnik

    Via Matt Cardoni at *Activate*

    Also I checked out your blog about the odd mushroom, this is what my friend Rebecca Fyffe who’s an expert in such areas said:
    It’s a Calvatia that has been misshapen by a mechanical injury, bacteria or fungus when it was small. Maybe kids poked it with a stick when it was a baby.

    Thank you!

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