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Brian Massumi valuing Guattari’s Virtual Ecologies

Rich presentations from Brian Massumi and Jane Bennett, via the virtual ecology of (you guessed it) synthetic zero.

Video post.

Source: Brian Massumi valuing Guattari’s Virtual Ecologies

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Jeff VanderMeer Going Beyond Lovecraft: Thomas Ligotti

Short interview with Jeff VanderMeer (via synthetic zero).

 Jeff VanderMeer Going Beyond Lovecraft: Thomas Ligotti

Plague Doctor

Image: Robert Warden’s Plague Doctor via The Critique

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Denali National Park: The Quiet World

by Brandon Hayes



“As our full day at Wonder Lake continued, we enjoyed sunny skies over the tundra/taiga transition in which the campground was situated. We had spent the morning and early afternoon on a solid four-and-a-half hour hike to the McKinley River, and now, as we rested, the Alaska Range flooded the southeastern horizon with the Alaska of one’s imagination.”

See more wonderful photos and inspiring journal entries at As They Are: Exploring the National Parks.

This particular photo and text here.

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Chicago Climate Festival: We’ve Moved!

Please visit the Chicago Climate Festival’s new and much improved permanent digital home at

new blog.jpeg

Many thanks to Jenny Johnson at Bloom Designs Company for your genius, hard work, and patience!

Source: We’ve Moved!

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Re-Imagining Ecology

From CBC Radio: Ideas with Paul Kennedy
Thursday August 25, 2016


“Three experts in urban and environmental conservation discuss an ecological approach to the restoration and preservation of both wilderness and cityscapes. Sophia Rabliauskas of Manitoba’s Poplar River First Nation worked to protect 43,000 square kilometres of Boreal forest. Glen Murray supported urban sustainability, first as Mayor of Winnipeg and now as Minister of Environment in Ontario. And Julian Smith is Dean of Faculty at the Willowbank School of Restoration Arts.”

Hear here.

Related websites:

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Romare Bearden’s Mecklenburg Autumn: Heat Lightning Eastward


Cut, paste, repeat: thanks to dmf at Synthetic Zero.

Source: Romare Bearden’s Mecklenburg Autumn: Heat Lightning Eastward

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