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Before the Flood-Trailer

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Detroit: The World’s Coolest Couch

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Contesting Capitalist Sorcery: Peak Everything as Pragmatic Apocalyptic

by Paul Reid-Bowen

“This position article reflects on the ambiguous relationship between discourses of apocalypse and collapse, focusing on some contemporary writers who are concerned with theorising the unfold…

Source: Contesting Capitalist Sorcery: Peak Everything as Pragmatic Apocalyptic

Image Source: Owl by Kunwoo Kim














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Saturday, November 12th: Chicago in Solidarity with Standing Rock

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by Murray Reiss


You say Global Warming’s such an obvious catastrophe

Portending planet-wide chaotic instability

A greater threat to national security

Than invasion occupation or tyranny

The world we co-evolved with simply blown away


So where’s our sense of over-riding urgency

Why haven’t we declared a nation-wide emergency

Why haven’t we declared World War III


Where’s our Manhattan Project for carbon sequestration

And alternative energy innovation

Where’s our mass conscription

Total mobilization

Where’s our holy crusade to save civilization


Well …


To wage war we’d need an enemy

Of implacable hostility

And ruthless ingenuity

The mastermind behind the globalized conspiracy

To seize control of our whole fossil-fueled economy

And turn its engines of growth & prosperity

Into mass destruction weaponry

To raise the heat however many degrees

It takes

To trash our poor planet’s liveability


‘Cause without the spectre of this sinister foe

We got no one to fight

We got nowhere to go

We’ve had our War on Terror

Had our War on Drugs

Now we need his carbon-bombing

Troops of thugs

Out there raising the level of our seas

Spreading drought famine pestilence & tropical disease

Inciting heat waves wildfires

Hurricanes and floods

Or else … What??

We’re gonna turn on a dime

And wage war on us???


Line up our cars and trucks shoot ’em all in the head?

Stomp our air con units till they’re gasping for breath?


Put our tractors out to pasture with all the bags

Of fertilizers made from natural gas?

And send our kids out foraging for roots and berries?

Hope they trudge back home with all the grubs they can carry?

Whoa — the future just started looking pretty scary.


Evacuate the suburbs  Stuff them like sardines

Into sky-high towers for increased efficiency?

Can’t do that without oceans of cement —

Oops — busted our carbon budget again.


Stop refining crude for all our life-enhancing plastics?

No SaranWrap? The future’s looking mighty drastic.


Stop drillling for oil? Blasting mountains for coal?

Kick our trillion-dollar pension fund investments down a hole?


Pull the plug on our power plants and factories —

And give up our jobs and a functioning economy?

So we can live in caves or up a tree?

Well, we wouldn’t do that to ourselves — would we?


No — We need to put a face to that enemy

So we can put an end to his villainy

Before we end up the innocent casualties

Of his plot to squeeze the last degree of heat

From the coal oil and gas right under our feet


‘Cause if we don’t conjure up some enemy

We’re gonna have to declare World War Me


See the author perform this Climate Action Performance Poem here.


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The Chicago Climate Festival presents: Warp Zone/Fieldwork Studios!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

  • 6:30pm – 8:30pm

DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus, McGowan South (104)

Come see two fascinating and inspiring presentations by visionary young artists immersed in their creative work and natural environments. Meet the artists and see examples of their beautiful and thought-provoking multi-media artwork. Discussion following presentations.


Amanda Speer, The Warp Zone,

Joshua Mason, Fieldwork Studios,

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Fieldwork Studios “cuts across mediums”


Chicago Climate Festival link:

Chicago Climate Festival Facebook link:

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“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”


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