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The Chicago Climate Festival presents: Warp Zone/Fieldwork Studios!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

  • 6:30pm – 8:30pm

DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus, McGowan South (104)

Come see two fascinating and inspiring presentations by visionary young artists immersed in their creative work and natural environments. Meet the artists and see examples of their beautiful and thought-provoking multi-media artwork. Discussion following presentations.


Amanda Speer, The Warp Zone,

Joshua Mason, Fieldworks Studios,

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Fieldworks Studios “cuts across mediums”


Chicago Climate Festival link:

Chicago Climate Festival Facebook link:

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“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”


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by | October 20, 2016 · 22:28

Fossil Fuels: The Emperor’s New Clothes

An important message from Grist and sponsor DivestInvest Individual, thanks very much to Jeff Tangel, INC, Environmental Critique, and The Tecumseh Project.

“As a Grist subscriber, you may know that renewable energy already employs more people and women than coal, oil and gas combined.1 In the next few decades, we could create another 2 million good green jobs.2 And that new economy won’t just be cleaner, it will also be more equitable!

So divesting and investing in good green jobs means saving the planet and creating a more just society. But the fossil fuel industry is pushing back, spending billions on messaging and P.R. to hijack our future.”


Learn more at a divestment presentation by Chicago 350 founder Melissa Brice, the first event of the Chicago Climate Festival!

1 – Smith, Heather. “There are more jobs in renewable energy than in oil, gas, and coal combined” Grist
2 – Sadasivam, Naveena. “Economy Would Gain Two Million New Jobs in Low-Carbon Transition, Study Says” InsideClimate News

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so much less than the sum of one’s parts

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Chicago Climate Festival: Poster Design


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by | September 17, 2016 · 04:22

Fieldwork Studios Designs


Image Source and T-shirts:

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Mystery and Murder at Brushwood

Go now. See Doug Fogelson’s On Climate exhibit at Brushwood Center, Ryerson Woods (Deerfield, IL), ending September 4th.  The exhibit features photographs, photograms, an outdoor sculpture, and an …

Source: Mystery and Murder at Brushwood


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