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Fossil Fuels: The Emperor’s New Clothes

An important message from Grist and sponsor DivestInvest Individual, thanks very much to Jeff Tangel, INC, Environmental Critique, and The Tecumseh Project.

“As a Grist subscriber, you may know that renewable energy already employs more people and women than coal, oil and gas combined.1 In the next few decades, we could create another 2 million good green jobs.2 And that new economy won’t just be cleaner, it will also be more equitable!

So divesting and investing in good green jobs means saving the planet and creating a more just society. But the fossil fuel industry is pushing back, spending billions on messaging and P.R. to hijack our future.”


Learn more at a divestment presentation by Chicago 350 founder Melissa Brice, the first event of the Chicago Climate Festival!

1 – Smith, Heather. “There are more jobs in renewable energy than in oil, gas, and coal combined” Grist
2 – Sadasivam, Naveena. “Economy Would Gain Two Million New Jobs in Low-Carbon Transition, Study Says” InsideClimate News

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so much less than the sum of one’s parts

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Chicago Climate Festival: Poster Design


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by | September 17, 2016 · 04:22

Fieldwork Studios Designs


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Mystery and Murder at Brushwood

Go now. See Doug Fogelson’s On Climate exhibit at Brushwood Center, Ryerson Woods (Deerfield, IL), ending September 4th.  The exhibit features photographs, photograms, an outdoor sculpture, and an …

Source: Mystery and Murder at Brushwood


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By: Lori Duchrow·Rhinelander, WI

Re-posted from Center for Humans & Nature.


Image, added by Environmental Critique, “low tide” by Randall Honold at dylar addict.

“Everyone on this earth is entitled to clean, safe drinking water. Clean drinking water is not a commodity to be used for profit, and laws will be necessary to ensure corporations cannot control the water supply. Nestlé, for example, is already trying to do just that. Legislators must do everything possible to protect our water.  Those that deny climate change and its impact on our air and water, have no business in political office. We have to take action now before it is too late.

The powers that be in Wisconsin, our Governor Scott Walker in particular, are destroying our waters at a very fast pace. Expansion of agri-business, rolling back environmental protections, restricting the powers of the DNR, reducing funding for research—these are just a few of the things that have occurred in just the past year.  In February, legislation was quietly signed that enables owners of high-capacity wells to replace those wells at any time, with larger wells of any size without state oversight. This is already having an impact in Portage County.”

Read more of this post here.

See complete discussion, “What are our Moral and Civic Responsibilities to Water?” here.

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On the Origins of Solarpunk

Guest post by Andrew Dincher As a genre, science fiction (SF) has a vague and contentious history. Some would argue that the genre began with the utopian narratives of Early Modern Europe such as S…

Source: On the Origins of Solarpunk

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