This is a group blog featuring the work of several writers, researchers, and environmental practitioners associated with the DePaul University Institute for Nature and Culture.  The posts comment of all aspects of our work in the natural and social sciences, the humanities and the arts.

The Institute for Nature and Culture has been created by DePaul University to foster collaboration among the disciplines and among researchers, conservation practitioners and the general public on behalf of our environmental future.  Building on widely respected programs in Environmental Science, Urban Ecology and Public Policy, and reflecting the University’s long-standing commitment to the Chicago community, the Institute is a response both to what we regard as a crisis of vision and leadership within environmentalism and to the opportunities represented by the emerging disciplines of urban ecology and environmental restoration pioneered in the Chicago metropolitan area.

The Mission of the Institute is to develop a new environmentalism capable of providing the means for negotiating a healthy, sustainable relationship between humans and the rest of nature. Stepping back to question and appraise environmental practice and thinking from new directions, the Institute is undertaking an ambitious program of research, education and public participation that will provide leadership in the urgent task of setting environmentalism on a new course during the critical decade just ahead.


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