Adaptation: In Progress

Thanks to Bill Jordan at Environmental Prospect for inspiration (see here) and also to the  Q Brothers!


“A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” (II,i: 81-117)


The man has some kind of fever
It must be spring
But you have no reason
To cause such discord
Because of your petty jealousies

Women make the world
Men exploit it
And now we all choke
On diesel fumes
And toxic waste

Monsoon rains flood the streets
Poisoning rivers above and under ground
While in other parts
The land is so dry
It breaks the plow

What happened to works and days?
What happened to festive nights?
We used to sing in the streets
Now we barricade our doors
Against our neighbors

Grandmother moon
Who once lit our dreams
Grows pale and turns her face
Throws up her hands
And a tide of fear and pestilence

The seasons loose their mind
In this climate
Roses freeze in full bloom
Crocus buds speak out of turn
Mocking order

The stunned world watches
Waters rise
Against all and none
Because we just can’t get along
The parents and the origin of this disease

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One response to “Adaptation: In Progress

  1. Hey, Christine—Nice riff on Titania’s tirade. You say “In progress”. Does that mean you’ll be extending this reflection? “We used to sing in the streets…” Yes, There is, of course, a lot of thinking about what has gone wrong. Maybe Lynn White’s Judeo/Christian tradition. Maybe the West. Or the modern. But from what I’ve been reading over the past 8 or 10 months, I keep thinking more and more that is the demotion of the “singing” as a part of corporate life.
    Bill Jordan III

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