Earthship Enterprise: Captains’ Blog

Excerpts from Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters [digging myself into a hole]

“This is a blog documenting the building of an Earthship, our home, by and for Amanda J. Speer & Dain W. Dalle.”



“And here’s some other greenhouse plants… We’ve been busy Not Gardening.”


Living room

[Dain weaving the dream.]  “We turned our living room into studio space. It’ll stay this way until we build Dain’s bedroom. Then his room will be the studio until we finish the house, and then BUILD THE STUDIO. All in under ten years I hope. Some people have kids, we have house.”



“This is already outdated! We have framed more of this room and the greenhouse to date, but you get the idea.”


Mosiac 2

“The other mosaic also got completed in December.”


kitchen 2

“Figuring out how we are going to use the tiles.”



[Editor’s niece.] “And, I made a shirt, I wove it, sewed it, dyed it, and now I’m wearing it… probably everyday for three years. I made three others as well. MORE TO COME!”



“Some of my finished scarves (that I would love to sell. Too bad they are hand made, and have to be pretty expensive).” [Editor’s scarf, right.]



“A cat that is much too big for her new flower pot – or – A cat hatching basil”

Read more and see more wonderful photos here.


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