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“H.P. Lovecraft’s influence on pop culture has exploded in recent years. But why? Erik Davis is a cultural critic and the author of the essay, “Calling Cthulhu: H.P. Lovecraft’s Magickal Realism.” He fell under Lovecraft’s spell as a teenager.

Dean Lockwood talks about the important role that sound plays in creating the cosmic horror of Lovecraft’s work.

Philosopher Eugene Thacker talks about how Lovecraft used science to speculate about the nature of reality in his short story, “From Beyond.”

H.P. Lovecraft may have been a great writer, but he was also, undeniably, a racist. This pretty much ruins him for a lof of readers, and writers. In fact, therre’s curretnly a petition before the World Fantasy Award, protesting the organization’s award statue, which is a bust of Lovecraft.  Gemma Files is a Canadian horror writer and one of the people who has a problem with Lovecraft because of his racism.

Think that it’s too…

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