Webcast of Making Nature Whole Book Launch

Tune in here Wednesday, January 18th, to watch the book launch for Making Nature Whole – A History of Environmental Restoration by William Jordan III and George M. Lubick. This is taking place at DePaul University in Chicago. The stream will begin at 6:30pm, Central Time.

With interdisciplinary reflections on the book from Tom Simpson (McHenry Co Conservation District), Anthony Paul Smith (DePaul University Institute for Nature and Culture), Paul Gobster, USDA (Forest Service), David Wise (UIC), Clare Butterfield (Faith in Place), and Gavin Van Horn (Center for Humans and Nature) and from the co-author William Jordan III.

Broadcasting live with Ustream


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3 responses to “Webcast of Making Nature Whole Book Launch

  1. Samantha

    I was wondering if you would be posting a video of the debut for those of us who unfortunately missed it.

  2. Christine Skolnik

    Thanks for posting this Liam,

    My apologies, again, for asking the same question that Claire Butterfield asked (when I had to step out). However, I’m not sure that either of us managed to express the heart of the matter. If indigenous restorations are not “ecocentric” because they reflect a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of an ecosystem (and that should be an obviously redundant phrase), then why “ecocentric” restoration (period), except as evidence of a kind of preexisting condition of narcissism and faulty logic? (A moment in the painfully slow process of re-membering this interconnectedness.) If it is fundamentally untrue that we can do anything to or for an ecosystem without impacting human beings, the idea of disinterest (though undoubtedly sincere as a motivation) is kind of absurd (unless elaborately qualified). It clashes with the very concept of ecosystem, no?

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